" I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." Hunter S. Thompson
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    Watches ReviewsDavid Rutten Streamline meteorite watch @ Baselworld 2019Accéder à la revue

    But then, the very second when David Rutten started to tell me about “Meteorite”, he pronounced the key word, the one that drives you mad. A few weeks earlier I had seen the De Bethune’s Dream Watch 5, an absolute beauty from another world, flame blued and crafted from a meteorite block. One of the most powerful pieces I’ve ever held in my hands (LINK Foudroyante album DB). 450.000 euros. Ouch… C'est beau, mais c'est loin... Thus, this extraordinary piece suffered from the endemic...

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    Watches ReviewsVortex: Hautlence, the returnAccéder à la revue

    Early 2010, I went to Hautlence’s. They had just developped some crazy stuff that I was going to have the privilege of being the first blogger to see: a new movement that displayed the time via chain and had a jumping retrograde minutes. A large movement, super complicated, reminiscent of a miniature tank chassis, complex and heavy. I loved it right away. Guillaume Tetu also presented me the prototype of the case: I liked it less, the watch is rectangular but vertically, and I did quiz...

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    Watches ReviewsOmega Speedmaster Professional: the Legend 3/4Accéder à la revue

    Hei alle sammen, Needless to say, the solid construction of this watch has strongly associated it with the conquest of space. To better understand, let's get into the details of its official punishment : a smack on the bottom worthy of the Père Fouettard (Father Whipper), finalised for the first time around 1965.I recall that this is based on the fact that the astronauts watch was supposed to accompany them during their spacial somersault in the cosmic vacuum of the dark and ruthless...

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Franck Muller WPHH2015 : contercurrent 1/2
Publié le 20 March 2015
Of course, a thin tourbillon in a wristwatch is not very useful in chronometry, as this kind of piece is always in intermediate positions. Apart from some rotating tourbillons, such as Prescher, Greubel Forsey, Girard Perregaux or Jlc, which can claim to bring a sofisticated technological solution ( still for half-a-million), a thin tourbillon only has two real purposes: prestige and fun. Concerning the prestige, I leave you judge, it's not exactly the category that has the Patek tourbillon hidden by a full screen, in the Calvinist style, that is...
Tudor Pelagos
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Tudor Pelagos, The day after tomorrow. An objective analysis.
Publié le 21 December 2014
Hence this oxymoron: can perfection be excessive? Everything fits too well: Chaos, the key to creativity and life, is nowhere. Chaos is what the Pelagos is missing.
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