" Marketing is fear, marketing is mediocrity" Oliviero Toscani
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    Cars & OtherOn of the world highest concentrations of Mercedes 300SL on videoAccéder à la revue

    One of my mates produced this short an incredible video : in this garage, we're talking about a dozen Mercedes 300SL, whose auction price range from one to several million. The technical and aesthetical innovations ( 6 cylinders injction – inspired to Citroen-, streamlined, gull-wing doors) make it the most legendary Mercedes in history. More recently, has inspired the fabulous Mercedes SLS AMG, not very functional but magic. The C63 AMG also features the « striations » on the bonnet.

  • BMW 850i E31 by Dylan Leff
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    Cars & OtherSeen on the web : BMW 850csi VS 335d = James Brown VS EminemAccéder à la revue

    In my opinion, it's almost a shame, I like the brutality of a V engine, which a little makes the vehicle oscillate laterally during the starting up. This block is of a rare machanical nobility. As a matter of fact, it is fitted to the legendary Mac Laren F1 in a vastly improved version (S70/2) developing 627 hp. Between the CSI and the Mac Laren, this engine completes the myth of the absolute GT (I will return to this in a later review) . Ultra high-tech racing car (still relevant) presented...

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    Cars & OtherLife and death of a « streedrifter », interest and danger of the YoungtimersAccéder à la revue

    Good evening, Sensitive subject, sad subject, fascinating subject. Giorgi Tevzadze was a Georgian citizen, born in 1987 and died in 2013. Died young and fast. His passion in life was his BMW M5 E34, propulsion, 340 ponies, incredibly gorgeous, especially the purple version of Giorgi's model. <a href="http://www.foudroyante.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Giorgi-Tevzadze-Street-Drift-3.jpg"><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1202"...