" I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." Hunter S. Thompson
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    News DiscussedUrgent: 4 Panerais stolen in DüsseldorfAccéder à la revue

    In parallel of the GTG Panerai German, my friend Marco was stolen by pickpockets four Panerai Submersible:

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    News DiscussedNews from the second subscription Vicenterra LunaAccéder à la revue

    As I predicted, it is obviously the Luna open dial which succeed with approximately 80% of subscribed watches. The prediction was not too risky; in my opinion the open dial is a bomb that outperforms other Luna. The watch costs 11900chf representing a discount of 44% with a Vaucher caliber Seed VMF 3002. For the record, the rare combination of a Vaucher caliber & a barrel case is only used by Richard Mille, Parmigiani Fleurier and Vicenterra. The relative rarity of these movements can...

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    News DiscussedUnexpected lesson of communication from Greubel Forsey : Trajectoire magazineAccéder à la revue

    So, Trajectoire is a watchmaking-orientated lifestyle magazine distributed to Merc customers in Switzerland. If I was working in communication for Mercedes, I would distribute a compilation of rappers and funk bands who made the apology of Mercedes in their hits, rather than carving up the forests.

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The watchmaking, the downfall, exclusive video
Publié le 20 May 2015
Exclusive, only on Foudroyante : Our infiltration team managed to set up cameras in the Board meeting room of the famous watch manufacturer : «Führer & Co, traditional watches of Swiss tradition ». The words that we collected are edifying :
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Phillips watches sale: Bacs is back
Publié le 18 May 2015
We can't truly capture the meaning of this article until we see Aurel in action. Let's say he combines a marathoner health, the eloquence of a member of the « comédie-Française » and the culture of a watchmaking archivist.Even as a simple spectator, the show is incredible. Aurel directs the auctions untiringly, with surgical precision. More than a cyborg, he is a Marvel hero with a hammer. This show is a necessary step in a pilgrimage to watchmaking land. No need to say that when I heard about the departure of Aurel from Christie's, I...
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Presentation of Panerai spring novelties: Back to the basics ?
Publié le 15 May 2015
Eventually, the highlight of the show : the Panerai PAM619. It's a remake of the PAM572 & 573 (45mm steel or pink gold Little Egyziano « 1940 » case), but in titanium. And as the picture of the press release shows, it changes everything. If the PAM572 was a bit dull, this PAM619 looks utterly charming, with a 40's atmosphere created by the dark and brushed titanium, and the brown dial. Good idea : as with other titanium models (PAM311), the hands are brown too. The font is cream-coloured, like the indexes. The whole features less marked...
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Seen on facebook : the Anish’s gun & watches picture.
Publié le 21 April 2015
Our dear Anish made a series of « Gun & watches » posts in Istanbul, with his usual poor taste. What made the bobosphere scream and yell on facebook is the « gunshot » side. What makes me scream is Anish's ignorance about weapons. Here's the Sharmila Bertin's (The Watches Magazine) comment on facebook :
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Apple Watch, or the damp squib.
Publié le 16 March 2015
A danger so big that Apple looks like kind of an horological islamic state, the eschatological Nemesis of traditional Swiss watchmaking. In those days (see some back articles by the late Cavanna, founder of Charlie Hebdo), mechanical watchmaking had a bad reputation: costly, unreliable, inaccurate, and needing daily rewindings. Quartz seems to only offer advantages: it is extremely accurate, reliable, and it doesn't need to be rewinded. Besides, to drive the point home, as any other consumer electronic equipment, the prices of quartz fall rapidly...
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New pricelist Rolex & Tudor
Publié le 12 March 2015
There is the Big Mac index, there should be the Rolex Submariner index. A Rolex Submariner costs now 6500chf/€uros without date, and 7400 with date. This reprensents approximately a 6% increase per year over the past 15 years. This is more than double the inflation rate.
PAM616 Cover SIHH2016
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SIHH 2015: Panerai, the perigee.
Publié le 27 January 2015
The carbon features a new type of pattern which, even if it looks baroque, provides the piece a very nice Damascus steel, sport, original and even oneiric look, an invitation to sail on black sand dunes… Rolex made the mistake of gentrification, the stumble whose consequence was the departure of so many “Rolex boys” for Panerai. Will Panerai make the same mistake, which would lead the Paneristi away from the brand? Where to ?
Breitling transocean chronograph limited edition
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News: Breitling Transocean Chrono limited edition
Publié le 24 December 2014
Hi everybody,   Breitling presents a new version of their excellent Transocean chronograph. No revolution, it is based on the original layout. This limited edition features three differences: A Bicompax dial with rose gold sconces (the original version is Tricompax) and a back lid. The dial looks beautiful, with delightfully vintage hues; it alternates cream […]
PAM521 By Martin Wilmsen
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News: PAM521, for 80 grand you get nothin’
Publié le 24 December 2014
During the last SIHH, the Officine presented the magnificent PAM521 to a selected panel (Purist, Risti.com, etc.). It is based on a prototype intended for customers from the 30’s (French Navy, for instance)… The specificity of this Radiomir 3646 is a thick crystal, in fact a clear case-back adapted for a different purpose. Let me […]