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Seen on facebook : the Anish’s gun & watches picture.

Le 21 April 2015
Malik "Pifpaf" Bahri



I’ve seen this on facebook. How to resist the temptation of a little troll post?

Gun & Watches Watchanish

Our dear Anish made a series of « Gun  & watches » posts in Istanbul, with his usual poor taste.

What made the bobosphere scream and yell on facebook is the « gunshot » side. What makes me scream is Anish’s ignorance about weapons.

Here’s the Sharmila Bertin’s (The Watches Magazine) comment on facebook :


  1. the « weapons, cash, watches » cliché (all that’s missing is the coke and the whores…)
  2. the violent staging, espacially given the very tense current situation
  3. the choice of the photo’s place, which has been known to serve as a gateway for the visionaries who go to holy war (voluntary?)
  4. the watchmaking brands that support and pay that guy to do that shit (and the weapons and the rest too?!!)


  •  Already, I agree, it misses a few scantily clad girls.


Then, the choice of the weapons, litteraly, proves Anish’s total ignorance in this field.

 He mixes some extremely rare grand complications :

(JlC Grande Tradition Grande Complication,  Breguet Double Tourbillon Tournant,  Roger Dubuis Double Tourbillon, AP Grande Complication, very complicated Divers Richard Mille, ect…)

and some mid-range mass market weapons.

(M4/AR15, Berretta M92, Steyr TMP, Glock, etc…)

 Because here’s the fucking disgrace of this photo, how can we possibly feature some haute horlogerie pieces in the middle of standard guns !!

An insult to all « Conoisseurs » & Collectors !!

(I’m using the term «Conoisseurs», beloved of our transatlantic friends, because their gun law is way more permissive.)

Anish, please, send me an e-mail next time ! I would have adviced you some Walther 2000, Vintorez, Automag 44., Mac Millan 12.7, PGM Ultimate Ratio Mini Hécate, G11, AA12, Stg57, some nice and exotic stuffs, that spit fire, High-Precision, arms manufacturer Art!!

No Anish, this weapon’s too big for your tiny hand:

Anish Flingue

One last thing, when you put some dough on a photo, it has to be a CHF1000 note, the world’s largest denomination in circulation.

The real Pimp is in Swiss franc.

Fucksake, those fools don’t know nothing .
Enjoy your day, and follow the 4 safety rules while using your gun.