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New pricelist Rolex & Tudor

Le 12 March 2015
Malik "Pifpaf" Bahri

Hi friends!

There is the Big Mac index, there should be the Rolex Submariner index.

Gregory Pons published the new prices list on Business Montres:

In spite of the recent explosion of the Swiss franc, there is a global but moderated increase

A Rolex Submariner costs now 6500chf/€uros without date, and 7400 with date. This reprensents approximately a 6% increase per year over the past 15 years. This is more than double the inflation rate.

The Submariners’ price is obviously indexed to the crazy FED’s QE.

The highly desirable Tudor’s Pelagos & Black Bay are almost reasonably priced : 3550 for the Pelagos (full set) and 2920 for the Black Bay. Almost, because it is roughly the price a Submariner was sold 15 years ago. Admittedly, the exterior parts of the Pelagos is way more exacting (particularly the gorgeous titanium bracelet), but the Pelagos uses an ordinary manufactured movement ETA Valjoux 2824, while the Submariner is equipped with the Rolex 3135.

I am going to put a cat among the pigeons, I prefer the Pelagos, much more attractive, and even though it is less noble, the ETA Valjoux 2824 is generally more precise than the Rolex 3135.

For once, the conclusion is optimistic :

  • Early this year, Rolex came up with the Tudor Pelagos, more accomplished than the former Submariner 16610 from early 2000, for a quasi-equivalent amount, if you are ready to put aside a very fuzzy notion of prestige, considering the large number of copies in circulation.

See you soon.