" Au zoo, tous les animaux se tiennent convenablement, à l’exception du singe. On sent que l’homme n’est pas loin." Cioran

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De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl


  • 44mm* 12.5mm white gold case.
  • Manual DB2005 calibre.
  • 28800 bph for 144h of PwR
  • 30mm diameter (13.5 lines).
  • Silica balance center/platinium turn.
  • «Microlight» engraved on the central part of the dial.
  • Engravings by Michèle Rothen :
  • Hour-makers gradueted from 1 to 12, reminiscent of Roman numerals : the rectangular pyramids represent 5 hours, the square pyramids represent 1 hour.
  • The head of  Quetzalcóatl points to the hours.
  • The feathered serpent's tail points to the minutes.

Les plus

  • The most beautiful watch in Baselworld 2015.
  • True homage to pre-colombian civilisations.
  • An incredible dial that whisks you to the heart of Tenochtitlan.
  • Finishings.
  • Complex simplicity.

Les moins

  • The price (CHF110000) ??
  • Only 20 copies.
  • Contrast between the ultra-modern finishings and the antique style of the dial.