" Le son est tellement lourd qu'il est d'une d'obésité morbide!" Kaaris

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Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One


  • 44mm ADLC titanium case.
  • Calibre EB-1963.
  • Frequencyà 18000 bph for 70h of PwR.
  • A special pallet (triangular) connected to a double escape wheel :
  • One for the minutes that displays the minutes on the right (ten and unit minute) , which beats once every 10 seconds.
  • One for the hours that displays the hours on the right.
  • Price 76000€.

Les plus

  • New type of escapement in a wristwatch !
  • Real watchmaker watch.
  • Awesome retro-futuristic aesthetic (between Métropolis and Star Trek)
  • Decorations/finishings details.
  • Synchro leap seconds/minutes to a 1/10

Les moins

  • Interest of this type of escapement ?
  • Readability of the minutes.
  • Fierce competition at this price level.