" Le mariage est la seule guerre au cours de laquelle on dort avec son ennemi." Pythagore

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François Quentin 4N


  • Ref : MVT01/D01
  • Digital dispay indicated by discs.
  • Jumping minutes (5+1 discs) and jumping hours (4 discs)
  • Black DLC titanium case.
  • Double barrel : 237h of PwR.
  • Screw balance D : 9.12 mm
  • Breguet overcoil spring: 21 600 Alt/hour
  • 514 components &  78 rubies

Les plus

  • Genuine HH decorations : inward angles, double côte de Genève with «carbon» in the «dial» effect.
  • Artistic watch, it invites to rethink hourly paradigm.
  • Pure concept, barely civilized.
  • Ultra-confidential production (less than 5 pieces/ year).
  • Fun and lively complexity.
  • Readability.
  • François Quentin just like his watch, funny, nice, off the wall.
  • Renaud & Papi have a ball off the beaten track.

Les moins

  • Thick case.
  • Confusion of readability between the hourly reading zone and the 10 overlapping discs.
  • The watch would be more readable with a polarizing glass or slightly opaque on the non hourly zone.
  • Price : 160K, more than twice of a Zeitwerk (admittedly less conceptual).