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Lange & Heyne Chronograph Albert Von Sachsen


  • Ref : Albert Von Sachsen Calibre IV
  • 44mm «triple-lug» platinium case.
  • Unitas based calibre, entirely reworked.
  • 18000 bph for 46h of PwR with stop second (which is not the case for the Unitas).
  • Single-push chronograph central indications a hand for the minutes, another for the seconds.
  • Pebbled finishings of the movement.

Les plus

  • Single-push chronograph integrated into the crown.
  • A diving in the 19th century.
  • Splendid architecture of the calibre.
  • General finishings.
  • Pure enameled dial.

Les moins

  • Some movement's finishing details (raw brushed lever, for instance).
  • Triple lug too baroque.
  • Price.