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Le Garde-temps, la Naissance d’une Montre @ SIHH2015


  • Preservation and transmission of traditional expertise.
  • Collaboration between Greubel (silver), Dufour (knowledge) and Michel Boulanger (execution).
  • Entirely made without digital control, manually controled by tool-maker.
  • The 45mm* 14.99mm steel timepiece case.
  • Final cases of precious metal (gold or platinium).
  • Frequency 18000 bph
  • One-minute tourbillon.
  • PwR : +/-36h

Les plus

  • Subjectively : the most beautiful watch in SIHH2015.
  • Objectively : the most emotional piece of 2015.
  • A major step of the NM adventure.
  • Greubel, Dufour & Michel Boulanger in the same watch.
  • Original and didactic presentation, which reveals every facet of mechanism.
  • Prototype with primitive finishings (waiting for Philippe), tribute to the watchmaking of the end of the 18th century.
  • Low frequency & one-minute tourbillon.
  • Layout of the dial.
  • Shape of the horns, design of the case.
  • Depth perception, incredible 3D
  • Entirely handmade.

Les moins

  • No anti-reflective treatment on the prototype.
  • Without electrotype block, the different types of metal make the picture-taking problematic.
  • I couldn't carry it for a long time.
  • Only 11 copies.