" Le temps est invention, ou il n'est rien du tout. " Henri Bergson

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Philippe Dufour Simplicity


  • Simple watch H/M/S.
  • 35 or 37mm precious metal case (rose gold, white gold or platinium).
  • Grey, anthracite or white lacquer guilloche dial.
  • Frequency 18000 bph for 55h PwR.

Les plus

  • Lengendary watch & watchmaker.
  • Finishings that (considerably) push away the limits of fine watchmaking.
  • Produced by the master yoda of watchmaking.
  • Absolute discretion, especially in white metal.
  • Myth of the 30's-60's watchmaking.
  • Price-Finishings quality ratio.
  • Incredible Geneva waves.
  • Crazy chamferings.

Les moins

  • Old guilloche dial.
  • Too small il 34mm.
  • Only 205 copies, all sold.