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Rolex Day Date 1831 “Emperor” @ Phillips Auction – Bacs – Russo


  • 37mm platinium case.
  • Platinium bracelet. The watch weighs more than 300 grams.
  • Calibre 1566 Day-Date.
  • Jewelled bezel.
  • Oyster quartz case, but automatic mechanical caliber.
  • Lacquered « Burgundy» dial  (like Bordeaux, but a tiny bit paler).
  • One of the 8 watches made in 1977 for the Shah d'Iran.
  • Sale price: CHF 120000 – 240000.

Les plus

  • Low sale price (considering the platinium, the rarity, the exotism, the history).
  • Retro-futurist watch : quartz case, mechanical movement.
  • It could have been designed by Genta.
  • Exclusive platinium bracelet.
  • Incredible feeling when handling it (wheight, visual, impact).

Les moins

  • Daily weight.
  • Jewelled bezel a bit breaking the line