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News from the second subscription Vicenterra Luna

Le 24 September 2015
Malik "Pifpaf" Bahri

Hello guys,

As I predicted, it is obviously the Luna open dial which succeed with approximately 80% of subscribed watches. The prediction was not too risky; in my opinion the open dial is a bomb that outperforms other Luna.

The watch costs 11900chf representing a discount of 44% with a Vaucher caliber Seed VMF 3002.

For the record, the rare combination of a Vaucher caliber & a barrel case is only used by Richard Mille, Parmigiani Fleurier and Vicenterra. The relative rarity of these movements can be explained by their price, about six times the price of an ETA Valjoux 2892 equivalent.

The Vaucher caliber is embedded in the complication module developed by Vincent Plomb. The effective height of the module is 2.85mm on 31.8mm diameter regardless flanks (which completely surround the Seed VMF 3002). The entire module is assembled thickness of 6.6mm, if we add the indications beyond, this explains a little better the size of Vicenterra Watches.

In this transparent view, we better understand the assembly of the globe and moon, a semi-hoop by sphere (invisible once cased), is anchored in the main plate. This image of the construction removes some of the mystery, but it guarantees impact resistance up to 5000G (FYI, the standard “Haute Horlogerie” is 3000G), this is possible in particular because Vincent fully controls the production made 100% in Switzerland (except the alligator that poorly acclimatized in the radioactive Lake Biel).

  • The tridimensionnal moon itself, if it looks a lot like the moon of De Bethune, will consist of two parts of equal size steel, only the blueing will make the difference.

The bridges of the Open Dial version are brushed & rhodium-plated to contrast with the main plate of the module, it will be treated in black.

The watchmaker content is very dense & (too?) cheap. You should also remember that the watch will make a leap of 10000chf in catalog version, with a retail price of 21250chf.

In my opinion the Vincent Plomb product approach is at the forefront of the future of watchmaking: reduced industrial margins (return to the real watchmaking, requires self-financing), semi-direct distribution, niche brand, micro-series, innovating products.

The real question is, is it not too far ahead of its time?

The subscription ends September 30 and opens a new range of products in Vicenterra to be presented at Baselworld 2016. If you have the chance to go to Basel, Vincent will be happy to receive you.

See you soon.