" Le mariage est la seule guerre au cours de laquelle on dort avec son ennemi." Pythagore

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Rudis Sylva RS12


  • 44 mm*14.3 mm ADLC titanium case.
  • New guilloché dial : progressive circular pyramids.
  • One-minute tourbillon 21600 bph for 70h of PwR.
  • Two balances on the opposite balance springs,  directly connected by the teeth to their edges.
  • Classic Escapement.

Les plus

  • Genuinely exclusive innovation.
  • Artisanal production and finshings.
  • 28 inward angles on the tourbillon bridge.
  • Highly confidential production.
  • Discrete look.

Les moins

  • Too discrete look?
  • Competition at this price level.